RJ Balaji’s “Mind Voice” Podcast launched

The most celebrated artiste, RJ, Cricket Commentator and filmmaker RJ Balaji gears up for a new avatar by hosting his podcast show titled ‘Mind Voice’ for Jio Saavn. Speaking on the occasion, RJ Balaji said, “Today, the current generation has been filled with so much of frustration against the negativities happening around us. It goes very much relevant with what Former President of USA, Barrack Obama said that the contemporary generation is so much addicted to anger and this happens to be their only gesture and reaction towards all happening around them. It is quite prevalent here as well and this prompted me to make an attempt on delivering a content that is completely all about positivity. I thank Aditya Kasyap, Vice President - Marketing , Jio Saavn for offering a platform for such a newfangled show. This Podcast is all about avoiding negativity around us and just rediscovering the positivity within and around us. The show will be aired on Jia Saavn on every Wednesday and it will convey my expressions on the latest topics, but in a positive way.”

When asked about the censorship of Jio Saavn for this show, RJ Balaji opines that it’s all about self-censorship. He added, “During my initial days as RJ, my show ‘Cross Talk’ had a good reach and after a certain point of time, I was actually self-considering on avoiding some language as kids were listening to it. Similarly, I have my own uniqueness and will deliver it accordingly.”