5 reasons why Shruti Haasan is the perfect Elsa

Be it singing, dancing or acting, Shruti Haasan knows to up her game with each and every performance. This jack of all trades knows how to hold the audience’s rapt attention and leave a lasting impression on their minds. And if there was ever a role that was absolutely tailor-made for her, it’s the warrior princess Elsa from Frozen 2. Shruti will be lending her voice for the valiant Elsa in the Tamil dubbed version of the highly awaited animated film and here’s why we think she’s the perfect person to play Elsa.

1)      The daughter of King Kamal, Shruti’s no less than a princess herself

Elegance and class come naturally to Shruti Haasan. After all, she’s the daughter of one of the most talented and versatile actors, Kamal Haasan, a legend in his own right in the Indian film industry. When we talk about acing the role of Elsa, we can fully expect her to portray this character with extreme panache.

2)      An absolute firebrand, Shruti’s one who’s fearless and bold

One of the most outspoken actors in the South-Indian industry, Shruti Haasan comes with a fine reputation of being direct, blunt and no-nonsense. Focussed and being a go-getter in life is what makes Shruti fit the role of Elsa like a glove. With Elsa and Shruti seeing the same character traits, we fully expect the actress to rise to the challenge and give us a performance to remember.

3)      She’s real and an inspiration to women out there

In life, one doesn’t get to do. But Elsa and Shruti are two personalities who’ve broken stereotypes by choosing to make their own destiny. Both come with their own opinion and certainly don’t back down easily from a fight or a decision made by them which they feel is right. Just like her on-screen character, Shruti, with such confidence and a drive to chase perfection is a perfect role model for girls and women out there who take control of the decision and come out a winner.

4)      Shruti, like the princess Elsa, knows how to succeed at everything she does

She’s a dancer, an actor, a singer, everything that Shruti touches turns to gold. Talent is after all her middle name. Elsa is no different. She first understands the situation and then decides the best course of action to solve the problem. At the same time, her calm demeanor takes no time to decide that now is the time to bring out the warrior side to her. Constantly pursuing excellence, these two ladies are known to up their game when adversity arises. That’s what makes them what they are.

5)      No one aces the gangster and badass look better than Shruti

It’s plain and simple, one does not mess with Shruti Haasan. She’s a person you certainly want on your side if you want to win a fight. With a rebel-like personality, she’ll bring her A-game to whichever battle you’re fighting. Elsa, too, has wars to win, some going on inside her head, some right in front of her. But there’s no backing down once she realizes that there rest a lot of hopes on her strong shoulders.

We certainly can’t wait to see what this Tamil titan has in store for all of us in the dubbed version of Frozen 2. Get set for one of the most-awaited films of the year as Disney’s Frozen 2 releases this November 22.