Paperwork At The 14th International Seminar Of Translators Of Tolstoy And Other Classical Writers

Kannadi Bommaigal, Lightman and Unakkul Naan wouldn’t have happened without your support. I thank you dear friends for being with me. I got back from Moscow yesterday after presenting   a paperwork at the 14th International Seminar of Translators of Tolstoy and other classical writers held at Yasnaya Polyana (the birthplace of Leo Tolstoy) between September 10th to 13th 2019. People from 13 countries participated at the seminar. Presentations on illuminating topics were discussed at the forum which had Historians, Professors, Researchers and Writers. I presented the topic “Leo Tolstoy influence on Tamil Literature” and presented  the Tamil book “Kadhaimanikkovai” written in 1932 by K.Kothandapani Pillai carried 3 short stories of Tolstoy in Tamil and was a text book  for students.

It was a fascinating trip and lot of memorable experiences to be taken with!! I’m off to begin my ongoing film “Seerum Puli” shooting next month. Hope I get your love and support always!!