Market Raja MBBS Audio Launch Stills

The audio launch of Market Raja MBBS starring Arav and Kavya Thapar in lead roles was held this morning in Chennai. The occasion witnessed the coming tog ether of many prominent celebrities. Here are some of the excerpts from the event. 

Producer S Mohan said, "I have been journeying in the industry for many years disturbing many movies. Before 20 years, myself and my father had acquired the theatrical rights of Saran’s movie and from then wanted to produce a film for him. I am sure Market Raja MBBS will be completely entertaining from beginning till end. Director Saran has done a remarkable job with his screenwriting and direction. Simon K King is giving best music at lesser remuneration and I request producers to introduce and make use of such good talents. I am sure Arav will become a mass commercial hero with this film and it doesn’t look like his debut movie. I have almost completed shooting another film with him (Raja Bheema) and he has done a temendous job in both the movies."

Actor Gnanasambandam said, "Saran is  a multi-faceted personality and the way he writes even a small poem is outstanding and has a beautiful touch. He does everything with passion. Just now producer S Mohan said that his parents are 95yrs old and I wish them much more long life and that they will be here again at their 100th year for their son’s yet another production."

There was something special about this morning event as ace actress Radhika Sarathkumar was felicitated with the title "Nadigavel Selvi" for her outstanding journey as an actress in the world of both silver screen and small screen.

Later she spoke on the occasion saying, "More than getting honoured, I am emotionally delighted for my father’s entitlement is also there. It’s only because of his blessings, I could come forward to such a distance. Today’s main focus is Arav and music director Simon K King. I have always been in awe of Saran sir for being so much creative in his writing and narration. I think the reason behind this big honour is because of my role in this film that might remind off my father in few places."

Actor Sarathkumar started off his speech on a jocular statement saying, "While Radhika came upon the dais, I just wanted to come before her and give hand to prove that I am still youthful and energetic. I am sure that Arav will have a bright future and Simon King has given a best music. I am really honoured to see that Radhika has been a part of this industry for more than 40 years. In reality, she is the lady superstar as she gave a huge hope to many actresses that their span as heroine isn’t limited to 5 years, but beyond that. I have always felt that she deserves more honours including Padmashree."

Actor Nassar said, "I am happy that Radhika has received great honours. I have always admired her as a strong woman than being an artiste. Simon has given a beautiful music. Director Saran happens to be the only filmmaker who remains youthful and thinks fresh with his ideas that is so much on par with the contemporary filmmakers. I have worked with Arav in couple of movies and I felt that both are different persons. I really enjoyed the complete process of listening to the script"

Producer RB Choudary of Super Good Films said, "I am really proud of Mohan sir for producing two films at same time. I wish Arav must capture bigger market and Simon has already got the name King and will be a winner indeed. Saran has already proved off his proficiency of becoming a Vasool Raja."

Director Hari said, “I got the feel of watching the trailer of Amarkalam here and am sure Market Raja is going to be a huge success. Music Director Simon has done a fabulous job.”

Producer G Dhananjayan said, “I am sure Radhika madam will definitely get Padmashree sooner and we as an industry will surely get such the honours next year. I am extremely happy that producer Surabhi Mohan sir is producing couple of movies with same actor Arav at the same time. It’s really a bigger boon for Arav for working with a filmmaker like Saran. I am also really excited looking at the star cast and technicians.”

Actress Rohini said, “We as artistes always desire for some challenging roles and I am really happy that we get it in Saran sir movies. Working with the entire team has been a bliss. I am extremely excited with the songs and the tracks screened here are totally engrossing. I was laughing thoroughly throughout the narration and am sure that everyone in theatres will be totally engrossed with this engaging entertainer.”

Cinematographer KV Guhan said, “Usually I don’t talk much during the audio launches, but I was to thank couple of people here. The first one is producer S Mohan sir who has been a great support. The other person is director Saran, my elder brother who has been the major reason for being who I am today.”

Actress Kavya Thapar said, “I thank producer Mohan sir and Saran sir for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Tamil industry through the Market Raja MBBS movie. Even the ones with 5% contribution towards the film have made the film look fabulous. I thank Arav for being such a lovable co-star.”

Actress Nikesha Patel said, “Its a huge opportunity for me to be a part of this film as it sure to mark a tremendous comeback for Saran sir. I wish Arav, Kavya and others in the team a big success.”

Actress Devadarshini said, “For the artistes like us who came to industry by 90s, it’s been a dream come true to work with Saran sir. Arav is handsome and really talented and Radhika mam is such an inspiring female artiste.”

Music director Simon K King said, “S Mohan happens to be the major reason I am here for he has been encouraging me from the beginning of my career. I was quite negligent when I got this opportunity to work with Saran sir as he happens to be a senior most person. But when I came to work with him, I felt that he is so young at heart. That’s the reason why the songs in his movies are so much enjoyable and colourful.”

Actor Arav said, “I want to thank Mohan sir for treating me like a son and giving me opportunity to work in 2 films with him. Being such a great filmmaker, director Saran sir left me fascinated with his down to earth. There was no need for an established filmmaker like him to narrate script to a newcomer like me. I used to feel longing that Radhika mam should play my mother like how she was for Vijay in Theri. But to see that she has donned a mother role like this in Market Raja is awesome.”

Director Saran said, “While my life as Director was going into dusk, Surabhi Mohan sir became my dawn and I am always in awe of the friendship that he has gained from many. I would like to make a statement that I am back. Music director and lyricist Vairamuthu have been a greater part of my films and now I am happy to see that Simon K King has made me feel like not missing them. I have made Lyricist Rokesh debut as actor in this film. I am happy to work with my brother Guhan and his visuals are terrific. Rohini madam has done a remarkable job in this film. Almost everyone in the star-cast have been a greater contribution towards the film and Radhika madam is just awesome. Arav has given an impact of being a well experienced actor. It was really difficult for any actor to give so much variations from one shot to other.”