Dharmraj Films’ Naveen produces, debutant Babu Tamizh directorial ‘IKK’, starring debutant Yogesh and Guru Somasundaram

Dharmraj Films’ Naveen produces ‘IKK’, written and directed by debutant Babu Tamizh, with debutant Yogesh, Guru Somasundaram, Anika Vikhraman, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren playing pivotal roles along with others.

Director Babu Tamizh was recently in the news for his Story-Screenplay-Dialogue contributions for the movie ‘Jiivi’, which attracted very good responses from both audience and the critics alike.

‘IKK’ talks about the life of a psychologically disturbed football player, which is all set to be picturised in a most emotional and realistic way by debutant Babu Tamizh.  A promising football player, who gets seriously injured in his very first game, decides to sit back and analyze the events that led to this situation and to study the strange turn of events encouraged by the subtle information that is revealed to him.  Whether he was able to identify the reason for his problems and setbacks, and did he manage to overcome them is the plot of this movie, which has been picturised in a most entertaining and engaging way with appropriate mix of fantasy  and thrill.

Radhakrishnan cranks the camera, while Rahul is trusted with the editorial responsibilities.

 Gavaskar Avinash scores the music, while stunts are trusted with ‘Fire’ Karthik, and art with Kallai Deva.

Dharmraj Films’ Naveen production, debutant Babu Tamizh directorial ‘IKK’ has hit the floors. Also, the team has further confirmed that most of the movie will be shot in Chennai except for a few critically important scenes that are to be shot overseas.

Cast and Crew:
Yogesh (Debut)
Anika Vikhraman
Guru Somasundaram
‘Aadukalam’ Naren and others
Production: Dharmraj Films’ Naveen
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues- Direction: Babu Tamizh
Executive Producer: Binu Ram
Cinematography: Radhakrishnan
Editing: Rahul
Music: Gavaskar Avinash
Art: Kallai Deva
Stunts: Fire Karthik
PRO: Nikil Murukan