“Yaaro” An Edge Of The Seat Suspense-Thriller

It all started 10 years back, when they [Venkat Reddy & Sandeep sai] met in COGNIZANT, and both had same passion for cinema, but for Venkat Reddy it was acting and for Sandeep Sai it was direction. They use to talk a lot about everything, especially world cinema. That is when Sandeep Sai came up with an idea, which had a very unique content. After so much of discussions and research they finally arrived at “Yaaro”

So the plan for Sandeep Sai is to put down papers from Cognizant and work completely on the script, while the plan for Venkat Reddy is to pursue acting courses in film schools and in parallel working with different MNC’s (CTS, IBM, and ACCENTURE)

Elaborating on films premise, Venkat Reddy says “I personally feel story telling is most intriguing part of film making process. Of course the artists and technicians maximize and offer a wholesome product but end of the show it’s all about how interesting the story telling was. When Sandeep Sai was narrating the story I actually forgot my identity that I am going to be a part of this film and started enjoying the process as a listener. To say anything so enlarged by the initial stage might look odd, but I must admit the fact that his potentials of sketching each and every character with lots of importance kept the narration much more engrossing”

He continues on a smiling note saying “I am excited as a producer and nervous as an actor as I feel that there’s a lot of responsibility in adding more life to the role created by Sandeep Sai”

Filmmaker Sandeep Sai says, “It’s a suspense thriller that will have a pattern set against the backdrops of a murder mystery, we have tried implementing a commendable show with a unique narration and hopefully keep our fingers crossed that audience will love it”

Sandeep Sai further adds that “YAARO is about a loner [protagonist], who is being framed for a series of murders; himself becomes a target of an unknown murderer who is dangerous and insanely brutal. As the murderer’s presence is felt everywhere, the protagonist must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical challenges on his ability to unravel the mystery of murders around him “

Both signing off with a smile saying “Yaaro will be the best tamil movie of 2019 – We Challenge”.