Kalyanam Conditions Apply 2.0 - MX Player Web Series Press Release and Stills

The leading streaming platform brings back the second season of the much-loved Tamil web series Binge watch all episodes for free, only on MX Player - July 20th onwards! Sometimes, creators draw inspiration from real lives and real personalities – but, our favorite celebrity couple Senthil Kumar and Sreeja Chandran have gone far beyond with ‘Kalyanam Conditions Apply’ and brought to the audience, well, their life! While season 1 of this web series won the hearts of viewers with a colossal 13 million views, this star couple is now back with season 2! Watch their love, everyday banter and camaraderie on ‘Kalyanam Conditions Apply 2.0’ starting 20th July, only on MX Player. Present at the trailer launch, Sreeja Chandran said, “The love and appreciation we received in the first season was unbelievable. We instantly knew that season 2 should be made! I think it was so organic that it just had to happen. Portraying real life Senthil & Sreeja was fairly easy, obviously, because all we had to do was bring our true selves out there.”  Senthil Kumar further added saying, “A romantic comedy is a genre that is fairly appreciated. We’d read all the comments and reactions when Season 1 launched, it was nice to know that each one of them could relate to us. This edition, we’ve narrowed down to extremely relatable situations like online shopping addiction, road rage, excessive smartphone usage, holiday planning gone wrong, etc which are things that happen to all of us on a daily basis. I can’t wait for the viewers to watch this season.”
MX Player’s ‘Kalyanam 2.0 Conditions Apply’ is a six-episodic rom-com series that captures Sreeja Chandran & Senthil Kumar’s life in a nutshell. Directed by Jaswini J, this series will depict how similar you and your favorite celebrity’s married life is.

Kalyananam is subject to lifetime risks … see all the episodes carefully before signing the documents Stream into MX Player for ‘Kalyanam 2.0 Conditions Apply’ only on 20th July 2019 for FREE!