Dear Comrade Movie Review And Rating

Chaitanya alias Bobby ( Vijay Deverakonda) is an aggressive student leader with communist ideology at Kakinada university. His radical approach towards society’s problems often bring him troubles. Aparna Devi alias Lilly ( Rashmika ) is a state level cricketer and neighbor to Bobby in Kakinada. As you can guess, love blossoms between them but given the aggressive nature of Bobby ,Lilly requests him to calm down and stay peaceful in life. While she is dual minded about marrying him , a serious issue happens to her career and personal life as well. How she overcomes the issue with the help of Bobby is rest of the story.

Vijay Deverakonda stands out yet again with his performance as Bobby .There are few scenes designed only to bank on his image, he excelled. Rashmika handles first half super comfortably , in second half where the story is heroine oriented he did just okay. Shruti Ramachandran who played Rashmika’s sister is good looking girl for such roles, acted well. Bharath Kamma has written a message oriented story , TRIED TO execute it in a realistic manner. In the process of being realistic , he ended up as a slow paced narrator who missed the required cinematic magic in the screenplay. The scenes often appeared dull. Dear Comrade is an average film with no solid positive takeout points. Vijay’s charishma , Vijay – Rashmika’s chemistry and three songs are the saving grace for this film. First half is passable and cannot be said the same for second half.

Rating - 3/5