RJ Vigneshkanth Talks About Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja

Embarking on a journey of dreams through YouTube platform and eventually turning into a celebrity under spotlights with his appearances in big screens. Apparently, RJ Vigneshkanth is now all set to amuse the crowds with his ‘Black Sheep’ family through ‘Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja’.  Talking about his experience working in NNOR, he says, “Yes, as everyone in our team feels and says, it was fun and jolliness throughout the shoot, but it had hidden layers of emotions too in all of us. This is earnestly because of our long run dream coming true together. We as friends blindly banked hopes upon each other, which has now landed us here with Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja.”  Brimming with emotional joy, RJ Vignesh says, “What I like about Karthik Venugopalan is his positivity, which doesn’t self-motivate him, but propels the same upon his close friends and associates too. His vision and idea about penning this script was much impressive as it is set against the backdrops of our profession. Well, it’s just a base and the fictional mix has lots to deliver on the hilarious notes and a good thought-provoking message too.”

Getting on with his take on Rio Raj, he adds, “He is definitely a hard worker and that is drawn from what I saw in him during NNOR shoot, but I have known the efficiency he owns from his VJ days. Shirin Kanchwala is more dedicated and despite staying amidst of people like us, who are bounded to cracking jokes and pulling each others’ legs, she was very much focused on her work, especially in developing her linguistic skill in Tamil. What can I say about working with eminent personalities like Radharavi sir and Nanjil Sampath sir? Radharavi sir has done everything casually, but his character will remain strongly registered. The craze for Nanjil Sampath sir across the crowds is huge even before his arrival into big screens. Now, it’s evident that his star power will go to the next level. More than all,  both Sivakarthikeyan and Kalai Arasu brothers have been main pillars in letting our dreams come true and we’re happy that they are satisfied with our works as well.”

Scheduled for worldwide release on June 14, 2019, Sivakarthikeyan has produced NNOR for Sivakarthikeyan Productions with Kalai Arasu as the co-producer. Shabir has composed music for this film and UK Senthil Kumar has handled cinematography.