Director Karthik Venugopalan Talks About Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja

The term 'Boy to Next Door' is something that is frequently used to acclaim someone, who remains so much close to audiences. They possess the magic of being identified as one among the masses, but there's something more special about the team 'Nenjamunudu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja' for almost all of them have been considered as 'Boys in our homes'. They became so much eminent for their rationally hilarious elements in both YouTube and small screen. In fact, this has been animating the entire project with more energetic perception by the crowds too. With this film produced by Sivakarthikeyan Productions scheduled for worldwide release on June 14, director Karthik Venugopalan is so much curious to see how audiences receive the film.

He says, "The journey of Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja has been mixed bundle of fun, energy and emotions. Yes, we loved each and every day shaping up this film and the entire unit had experienced the same throughout the process," says Karthik Venugopal, who makes his directorial debut with this film. Furthermore, he adds saying, "The film is a satire laced with fun and amusement laced with a message. When narrating the script to Sivakarthikeyan brother, I was slightly doubtful, whether he would give an approval to proceed, but the way he enjoyed listening to it instilled more confidence and responsibility in me to deliver a commendable output. To hear a valuable and positive comment from him after watching the final cut has given a deep lease of relaxation now."

Talking about the star-cast, Karthik opines, "What can I say about them, when they are already under spotlights for their respective accomplishments in the online and satellite channels. Rio is completely sincere and dedicated, who keeps consistently working and improvising his performance. RJ Vigneshkanth is already the center of attraction across the  universal groups and he will be seen throughout the film. Shirin Kanchwala kept exerting her best efforts and despite the linguistic barriers, she kept adding perfection on the shooting spot. Nanjil Sampath sir is definitely going to become an integral part of every movie for his charisma. As said, this journey of NNOR hasn't been just about fun, but emotions too as my long run dream of embarking on my directorial venture is coming true."

Produced by Sivakarthikeyan for Sivakarthikeyan Productions, the film has musical score by Shabir and cinematography is handled by U.K. Senthil Kumar.