Actor Kishore on ‘House Owner’

There’s something really special about actor Kishore. Every time, he wears the greasepaint, he transforms magically into diversified roles winning our appreciations. Be it a positive one or the antagonistic shades, he never misses to be a showstopper and he’s already the cynosure of public glare with his new avatar in “House Owner”, which is scheduled for June 28 release.

It’s obvious that artistes always share a raving appreciation over working with their respective filmmakers in a project, but the citations from Kishore look more emotional.  “Yes, the journey of House Owner happens to be an emotional experience to me. Although, my role in this film is short, I gained and learnt lots of values for it was more like an acting class,” says actor Kishore, who continues to add, “ Lakshmy Ramakrishnan is an extraordinary filmmaker and when I say this, it’s 100% true. Apparently, anyone who has worked with her would accept it. It wasn’t merely about her directorial proficiency, but the way she handled everything on the sets. An independent film like “House Owner” has very little manpower and she was involved in multi-tasking, which was unbelievably surprising. I must admit that today we come across lots of young filmmakers, who are technically brilliant, but lack life experience. Most of them feel more difficult to share their vision and at times, I would ask them perform so that I can follow the same. However, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has imparted more life into each and every frame. It’s common that as an artiste, one would absolutely feel the emotions of the character they are performing, but I could feel and relate the pain, pathos and love that the character of wife Radha carries (played by Sriranjani) in the film. I am sure; audience will definitely go through the same experiences while watching the movie. Sriranjani has done a wonderful job and as I said, her role carries so much of emotions and she has exhibited it commendably. Both Kishore and Lovelyn are the souls of “House Owner” for they’ve escalated the vision of Lakshmy Ramakrishnan.”

Dr. Ramakrishnan is producing “House Owner” for Monkey Creative Labs and AGS Cinemas is releasing it on June 28 across Tamil Nadu. Scripted and helmed by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, the film holds a strong technical team comprising of Krishnasekhar T.S. (Cinematography), C.S. Prem Kumar (Editing), Tapas Nayak (Audiography), Karky-Anuradha (Lyrics) and M.V. Ramesh (Production Executive).