Big Print Pictures Untitled project starring Actor Adhi Direction by Prithivi

With strings of success streaked in every film, actor Aadhi’s impeccable choice of scripts has scored him big. From genres involving rustic drama, supernatural thrillers to fantasy, he has shined as a star with immense performances. Now it’s time for him to take a leap into new zone as he will be seen playing lead role in Athletics sports based film, directed by debut filmmaker Prithivi Adithya.

"As soon as I completed the script or let me put it this way. While sketching the lead character, I could visualize Aadhi sir in the first place. Obviously, the reason is his well built physique that an athlete would have. Gradually, after completing the script, I decided to give a try narrating the script to him. It was a doubtful venture for as most of his lineups are already looking huge. Finally, to work with him on this project has energized my spirits and I am looking forward to deliver a commendable work. We are now finalizing the other actors and technicians. Praveen Kumar is handling cinematographer for this film and he has already completed shooting for his debut film ‘Jiivi’, which is hitting screens in June. In addition, he has already on big fame for shooting ‘Mannin Maindhargal’, a special programme for Star Sports."

With a wide array of sports based films consistently seen on big screens, director Prithivi assures that this one is exceptional. He adds, "This is going to be a film that delves into the world of ‘Athletics’ and the challenges that protagonist faces in accomplishing his dreams."

The team is currently holding talks with some of the top league actresses to play the female lead. Apart from cinematographer Praveen Kumar, Editor Ragul and Art Director Vairabalan have been signed up for the project. Produced by  I B Karthikeyan of BIG PRINT PICTURES and co- produced by PMM FILMS and G. Manoj & G. Sri Harsha of Cuts and Glory Studios, this will be a bilingual film simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu.