Anandhi Gets Onboard For Shanthnu Bhagyaraj’s Raavana Kottam

While there’s a theory, “Slow and steady wins the race”, there are few who redefine it as “Being Choosy makes you steadily win the race.”  With persistence in choosing unique scripts and roles, Anandhi has nurtured her career graph with solidity. While films that establish an artiste to greater magnitude would get prefixed to their name, Anandhi seems to be an exception of having it replaced with each movie she does. From being the most simplistic and loveable girl in ‘Kayal’ to the innocuous belle in ‘Pariyerum Perumal’ , she has now landed up with one such promising role in Shanthnu Bhagyaraj’s Raavana Kottam.

“I wouldn’t say this in a dogmatic way, but choosing the right scripts alone would let an artiste like me proceed  in the industry. I am blessed to have come across films that have projected me in substantial roles and made my presence sustained here. Especially, after doing movies like ‘Pariyerum Perumal’, the positive reception urged me to carefully choose the films and “Raavana Kottam” is one such movie. Vikram Sugumaran has come up with a film that is sure to engross audiences completely. I am really surprised by the way he has crafted the script with so much of patience and persistence after his critically acclaimed Madha Yaanai Koottam. Any director would have immediately started working on a project so that they don’t miss the spotlight, but he refrained from such practice and I am sure his hard work will be paid off well with Raavana Kottam. Shanthnu Bhagyaraj’s changeover is going to be a special surprise to everyone just as  I was astonished when I saw him first time on the sets. He is a great performer and dancer as well. In fact, my first ever shoot is a ‘fight song’ in this film , it’s a conceptual song with a lot of entertainment! While he is such a talented dancer, it’s a great experience to shake legs with him,” says actress Anandhi.

Raavana Kottam is directed by Vikram Sugumaran and is produced by Mr. Kannan Ravi for Kannan Ravi Group. With Justin Prabhakaran composing music, the star-cast comprises of Prabhu, Ilavarasu, Sujatha Sivakumar, Aruldoss , PL Thenappan , Murugan (Malayalam artist from lucifer) and Deepa Shankar in important roles. Currently, the first leg shooting is happening in full swing across the backdrops of Ramnad district.