Kuppathu Raja Movie Review And Rating

Cast :

G. V. Prakash Kumar as Rocket
Parthiban as MG Rajendran
Palak Lalwani as Kalyani
Poonam Bajwa as Mary
M. S. Bhaskar
Yogi Babu
R. N. R. Manohar

Crew :

Directed by : Baba Bhaskar
Produced by : Saravanan.M, Siraj.S
Music by : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Mahesh Muthuswami
Edited by : Praveen K. L.
Production Company : S Focuss

Review :

G. V. Prakash (Rocket Raja), who is a lethargic guy, which he made a gang of friends and with all sorts miscellaneous Rocket  seizes all vehicles to help a pawnbroker. On another side, MG Rajendran (Parthiban), who is a humanitarian even die hard fan of MGR. Initially, both were Tom and Jerry until Rocket Raja’s father killed in a puzzled manner.
In the parallel, Rocket Raja keeps affairs with a same area girl Kamala (Palak Lalwani), their love has been aggressive once matured lady enter in the slum Mary (Poonam Bajwa), which the young couple’s life puts upside down.

With the concept of slum dwellings and their lifetime struggling were stuffed in the  first half and in the second half an adverse consequences interrupt in the life of slum dwellers. Finally, Rocket Raja and Kamal love life getting into peaceful manner and wrongdoing were identified by the Rocket and Rajendran, both silently murdered the culprit.

GV Prakash walks through this (Dhanush patented) role like he has done before. Palak Lalwani and Poonam Bawaja are their usual self in this typical “hero hyped” movies where romance borders on being coarse. MS Bhaskar is wasted in this wasted role. Parthiban could have done better elsewhere. Yogi Babu’s comedy falls flat.

Mahesh Muthusamy’s camera work is good, while the songs are jarring because of the on goings on the screen. Praveen KL’s experience helps the viewer endure a bit. Dialogues are below standard. Direction by Baba Bhaskar is ordinary.

Rating - 2.25/5

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