Thadam Movie Review And Rating

Cast :

Arun Vijay as Ezhil and Kavin
Smruthi Venkat as Ananthi
Tanya Hope as Deepika
Vidya Pradeep as Malarvizhi
Sonia Aggarwal as Ezhil and Kavin's mother
FEFSI Vijayan as Gopalakrishnan
Yogi Babu as Suruli

Crew :

Directed by : Magizh Thirumeni
Produced by : Inder Kumar
Music by : Arun Raj
Cinematography : Gopinath
Edited by : N. B. Srikanth
Production Company : Redhan - The Cinema People
Distributed by : Screen Scene

Review :

Ezhil and Kavin have different characters, well distinguished by the body language and acting by Arun Vijay. Ezhil is a construction Engineer, drives BMW and is hopelessly in love with Deepika (Tanya Hope). He dreams of marrying and settling down with her. Kavin, on the other hand, is selfish and does all criminal activities for money with the help of Suruli (Yogi Babu).

The movie starts picking up the speed when the murder of an NRI happens. The police under the guidance of Gopalakrishnan (FEFSI Vijayan) find the image of Ezhil (or Kavin) in the mobile phone of the NRI and immediately arrests Ezhil. Twist happens when police also grab Kavin.

Gopalakrishnan hands over the case to his junior Malarvizhi (Vidya Pradeep). With literally zero evidence to identify the criminal between Ezhil and Kavin, Malarvizhi takes up the case and will she succeed and how? This forms the crux of the story.

Arun Vijay in the dual role has once again proved his acting skills and will remain as the most underrated actor of the industry. The other actors, especially Vidhya Pradeep played her role to perfection.

The movie has its own set of flaws. Magizh Thirumeni could have avoided the spoon-feeding moments to tell us the difference between the twins. Also, the movie takes time to hit you but the second half, especially the last twenty minutes of the movie makes up for all the flaws.

On the whole, Arun Vijay’s Thadam is a much-eatch thriller, all credits go to Magizh Thirumeni and the entire team.

Rating - 4/5

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