Embiran Movie Review And Rating

Cast : 

Rejith Menon as Priyan
Radhika Preethi as Jeya
T. S. B. K. Moulee as Grandfather of Jeya
Kalyani Natrajan

Crew : 

Directed by : Krishna Pandi
Produced by : Panchavarnam
Music by : Prasanna
Cinematography : Pugazhenthi
Edited by : Manoj
Production Company : Panchavarnam Films

Review : 

EMBIRAN is directed by Krishna Pandi and produced by Panchavarnam led by Renjith Menon and Radhika Preethi.

Time and again you realize movies are not about one great idea of five minutes but a good idea that should last more than 120 minutes. Embiran is just one another film that perhaps has a novel premise but ends up 90 minutes longer to endure. The characterization, the romance that lack depth, falls flat except a few moments of grandfather granddaughter interactions. The rest of the movie is an arduous journey that takes a lot of effort to not look at the exit door.

Renjith Menon is average in his performance though his “Malayali” roots are evident in his dialogues and delivery. Radhika Preethi is unconvincing in a role that lacks substance. Veteran Mouli is honest in his role while others play their part. Pugazhenthi’s cinematography is nothing to write about despite making the viewer obvious of his efforts. Debutant Krishna Pandi shows just about a little promise.

Rating - 2.25/5