Director Baba Bhaskar Talks About Kuppathu Raja

If his dance can be glorified as ‘Stress Busters’ by audiences, he has always been entitled as ‘Task Master’ by the topmost actors of our industry. A prompt willingness to deliver highly fashionable choreography in relevance to our native and local flavor had made him most favorite of universal audiences. Choreographer Baba Bhaskar, the man behind the creation of dance for several Chart buster songs turns filmmaker with ‘Kuppathu Raja’.

As the trailer has got an effectual result of being termed as ‘Local’ backdrop, Baba Bhaskar has something to say. “Actually I don’t accept the term ‘Local’ and instead would prefer calling it ‘Nativity’. When people around us are so much spellbound over the nativities of village and neighboring states, ‘Slums’ are indeed the native element of Chennai city,” says choreographed-turned-filmmaker Baba Bhaskar.

While the theatrical trailer of Kuppathu Raja has created a decorous impact spanning boastful views on YouTube, it is evident that the film has a unique plot. Moreover, relating the title ‘Kuppathu Raja’ with the incidents in trailer, it has given a prospectus view that it’s all about the clash between two characters, who wants to be the ‘King’. So is Parthiban playing the negative role and GV Prakash takes on a combat with him? “Too many questions and answering either one of them would be a spoiler,” jokingly says Baba Bhaskar. Elaborating this context, he clarifies, “There is an in-depth story than what we have seen in trailer. Yes, the film owns a package of entertainment along with this premise. If you’re keenly looking out to know about hero and villain, the audience will have to find it out with the movie as it involves some dramatic moments.”

Produced by Saravanan M, Saravanan T and Siraj for S Focuss Production, Kuppathu Raja is scheduled for worldwide release on April 5. The film features GV Prakash, Palak Lalwani and Parthiban in lead roles with Yogi Babu and Poonam Bajwa appearing in an important character. With GV Prakash composing music, Mahesh Muthuswamy has handled cinematography and Praveen KL has done editing.