Avni Movies presents Sundar C HipHop Tamizha and Friends in Natpe Thunai Press Meet Excerpts

The evening was indeed a Spangling celebration of friendship and emotions as the theatrical trailer of Natpe Thunai was launched. The event commenced with the screening of trailer and couple of songs. Then entire team was present for the occasion.

Actor Harish Uthaman said, “There is a phrase Hiphop Tamizha and Friends has become an inseparable term. In fact, we can remove the AND too. Parthiban Desingu is quiet person but is really talented. I am literally tired of playing stereotypical roles of baddie, but this one is really close to my heart.”

Choreographer Shivaraj Shankar said, “After Meesaya Murukku, I am working with Sundar C sir and Hiphop Aadhi again. It has been a real big experience and I am really thankful to everyone for being a a great support.”

Actor Raj Mohan says, “Positivity has become the need of hour and I thank Hiphop Aadhi for gifting me in abundance. I still remember the 10 years back in time, where I used to be sitting here at the back row with a recorder. I thank Sundar C sir for helping us break the myth that talent and hard work is more than enough to make a breakthrough in the industry. As the term goes Natpe Thunai, this is so much illustrious with the friendship of entire team.”

Eruma Saani Vijay said, “I am really nervous to be facing so many cameras for the first time. The whole set was really like a family where when someone misses the lunch, they would come together asking to serve the other. Through this film, I have gained lots of friends. I feel so much proud to see the trailer being fantastic. I thank both Sundar Anna and Aadhi anna for giving an opportunity to be a part of this film.”

Actor Vinoth said, “Although my role in Meesaya Murukku was minimal, everyone recognised me. Aadhi brother has given me a meaty role in this film, where I play a PT master. Everyone got trained so much efficiently in hockey.”

Pazhaya Joke Thangadurai said, “I feel so much happy that I am a part of this film. This is the first time I am attending an audio launch function. I have got lots of friends through this film. Friends have been the real support of Hiphop Aadhi in real life and it is same in this movie too.”

Writer Devesh said, “I have written the story, screenplay and dialogues along with Srikanth in this movie. I am literally happy to be a part of this movie and thank Sundar C sir for giving us everything that was essential for the movie.”

RJ Vigneshkanth said, “The cast and crew of Natpe Thunai is much bigger than Meesaya Murukku. It looks like director Desingu brother is inspired by Sundar C sir. I have got a meaty role to play in this film and songs have come out really well, especially the song “Aathaadi” will have vera level visuals. I am sure family audiences will throughly enjoy the movie.”

Chutti Anand said, “I share a wonderful bonding with Sundar C Anna as we are like brothers and am so much grateful to be a part of this film.”

Actress Anagha said, “I thank Sundar C sir for giving me an opportunity. It was really challenging and exciting to be part of this film. Aadhi is someone with lots of positivities and working with him is really a great moment. Everyone in the team were supportive and friendly. The entire team was hardworking and passionate. I could learn a lot from them.”

Director Parthiban Desingu said, “What makes me more happy is that my parents could be proud today because I am a director and I thank both Sundar C sir and Aadhi brother for giving a breakthrough. Raised in the backdrops of Pondicherry inspired me to set the backdrops there. Soon after finalising the project, I told Aadhi brother that we need to complete the film in short span of time. However, he wanted to do complete justice to the movie and train himself well in hockey. He didn’t want to cheat the audiences and wanted to be so much realistic. He used to tell me, “Brother people accepted me as a musician in Meesaya Murukku as my real profession happens to be same. But I must do proper perfection for this role.” It wasn’t an easy job to do it as there were lots of challenges. Every day one or the other would get injured or faint. There was a situation when Aadhi got injured and suggested him for some alternatives, but he was staunch and rigid over his decision to go for it. He is such a positive Wi-Fi as he would be completely charging us with lots of energy spread from him. We have tried bringing so much reality into the movie and we didn’t want to cheat the audiences anywhere. More than all, the film will be a delight to Pondicherry boys as we showcased their reality.”

Actor Hiphop Aadhi said, “Thanking Sundar C Anna wouldn’t be a right thing as he has done something for me that I cannot mention in few words. Introducing a person like me, who is so much talkative and making me of what I am today is all because of him. Usually a producer like him would usually prefer having top league actors and technicians, but when I told him that if we can proceed with friends, he gave an instant nod. Writers Devesh and Srikanth got so many offers after Meesaya Murukku, but they sacrificed  all of them for the sake of working in Natpe Thunai. Anaga has a very little portion in hockey, but she had to go through excruciating pain and challenges while preparing for this role. I am last 25 minutes of the film will be more enthralling and is the major attraction of this movie. Even Harish Anna was so much jovial despites this crucial time of 1 1/2 years of shooting. I placed a small request to director sir that Kids will be watching this movie so there needn’t be anything like drinking or smoking scene. He was polite and supportive saying that this is what we loves about our team. This will be definitely a good treat for audiences for this summer.”

Producer-Director Sundar C said, “This is literally a fan boy moment for me as I have always enjoyed watching these YouTube superstars here and they have made my film so special with their involvement. Especially, Vijay of Eruma Chaani fame is sure to make a big time. I request him not to take up hero roles and continue with comedy for he will definitely rule the show. Everyone in the team have been working so much dedicated 24/7. While working in Meesaya Murukku, myself and Khushboo decided to make one more film with him in case if the film doesn’t work. However, the film became a major hit and lots of producers were knocking his doors. Even then, he came forward requesting to work with him again. Although I advised him Natpe Thunai is going to be a painstaking moment for it demands a lot, but he came forward and has done a good job along with the team. As a producer, I didn’t want to interfere anything on the script, but had only one request that songs should be more awesome than Meesaya Murukku. Apparently, the songs have surpassed my expectations. Director Parthiban has done a wonderful job by showcasing the reality factors of Pondicherry boy.”

The occasion turned to be special one as the entire team congratulated journalist Manavai Ponmanickam for being the recipient of Kalaimamani Awards.