1st Hajj Awareness Programme To Safe Guard Pilgrims From Traps Of Fraudulent Operators

 goimomi.com in association with Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee, Tamil Nadu Hajj Service Society and Tamil Nadu Hajj Organisers Association organized the 1st Hajj awareness programme, an eye-opener for aspiring pilgrims on Hajj Travel. The awareness programme held at the Hajj House Chennai.

Mohamed Mubarak, Founder of goimomi.com “Hajj fraud continues to destroy the dreams people have of making a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca, which is why, together with our industry partners, we are raising awareness of this crime. Be sure to conduct your own research into the travel company you are thinking of using and make sure it is really a member of Tamil Nadu Hajj Organisers Association”.

 Mr. CTC Abdul Jabbar, Chairman of Tamilnadu State Hajj Committee and Chief Guest of the event, through his presidential address gave the audience on how to perform their Obligatory Hajj Ritual and explained what the Creator expects from one’s Hajj “Tamil Nadu government has allocated rupees 6 crore for aspiring Hajj travelers so that each person will get about (AED 17000) and also recommended goimomi.com to conduct such initiative in every state.”

Tamil Nadu Haj Organisers Assocaition (THOA) launched its official website www.thoa.in where in aspiring pilgrims can find the details of members list, management contacts of the association etc. THOA is open 24X7 for the public for any assistance with regard to the Hajj & Umrah. The Site was launched by Alhaj M Abdul Rahman, Vice President-Indian Union Muslim League(TN), CTC Abdul Jabbar, Chairman of TN state Hajj Committee and Janab.S.Hyder Ali, General Secretary-TMMK

 Alhaj AMG Masood, Senior Member, Tamilnadu Haj Organisers Assocaition (THOA), one of Ministry Recognised Associations in the country - gave the current problems faced by the pilgrims with regard to hajj travel booking due to negligence and elaborated the method of Government in recognising the Hajj Group Organisers and distribution of Hajj Quota.

 Dr Haja K. Majeed, member of TN Wakf Board provided the health tips for the pilgrims “Overcrowding can increase the risk of infections such as meningococcal disease, influenza and pneumonia. Diarrheal disease is also common during Hajj due to drinking water or food becoming contaminated in the crowded and hot conditions. Cardiovascular disease (such as heart disease and strokes) and heat-related illness are the major causes of death in travellers to the Hajj.

 If you take regular medicines, make sure you take enough to cover the whole time you will be away and carry a doctor's letter to avoid confusion at customs.

Health Tips:

1.      Hajj pilgrims should stay well hydrated, wear sunscreen, and seek shade when possible. Some rituals may also be performed at night to avoid daytime heat.

2.      Drink water and beverages that are sealed or known to have been purified, and eat food that is served piping hot or fruit that you have peeled yourself.

3.      Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or disinfectant hand cleanser.

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