Chief Minister’s Tamil Computing Award 2017

We are happy to receive the news that ‘Piripori’ a software developed by our foundation has received the Chief Minister’s Tamil Computing Award of 2017.

In the past five years, as a non-profit organisation, we have been involved in active research and development in the field of language computing. We have developed more than 10 software services that are free for users available in Our dictionary ‘Chol’ has more than 5.4 lakh Tamil words collected and created by our team. Our tools are being used by thousands of users from all over the world everyday. For the purpose of Tamil learning and Tamil search, we developed the tool Piripori. This tool was built with 280 noun rules, 880 verb rules and 50 compund word rules to morphologically analyse more than 10 crore morphological variations of Tamil words. Piripori can analyse 1.5 lakh words in 6 seconds and thus can index a digital library of 15 thousand books in 20 seconds for efficient search. Piripori also has a coverage of 71%. The tool
also helps Tamil learners and students to understand the morphological variations of Tamil words.

Under the guidance of Dr. Madhan Karky, Piripori was developed by Kanniyammal, Manju, Dr. Swathi, Sindhu, Anitha, Aarthy, Elanchezhiyan and Rajapandian. The research paper on Piripori recently won the best paper award in an international conference.

This software has been granted the 2017’s Chief Minister’s Tamil Computing Award. We heartfully thank our Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Development Department and each and every person in this award selection committee for giving us the encouragement to work more in the field of Tamil Computing.

-Karky Research Foundation