Jagapati Babu Speaks About Viswasam

It’s quite a rarity to find an actor gifted with stylish and charismatic looks with high-skilled performance.  Jagapati Babu has significantly possessed these qualities, which makes him a loveable actor beyond linguistic and regional boundaries. Sharing an inseparable bond with Chennai land for nearly 30 years, he strongly believes “Viswasam” will make him a permanent resident of Tamil Nadu as he says, “To be frank, I have been desperately waiting for a hit film from this soil from childhood and am sure, this film is going to make my long run dream come true.”

Sharing his beautiful memories of working “Viswasam” team, he adds, “What can I say about a person like Ajith sir? He is so good and warm person, who has unconditionally done lots of good things for many people. I always feel from bottom of heart that an actor like Ajith sir who relentlessly think from the other person's perspective deserves the respect and adoration he recieves from the people  ”

He continues saying, “Well, about our screen roles in this film “Viswasam”, I had a strong positive feeling right from beginning for both the hero and villain sport Salt ‘n’ Pepper looks.  The  audience will see Ajit with such conviction.His role in this film has a perfect mix of mass and class, especially mass that has shades of innocence and arrogance, which his fans and family audiences will enjoy thoroughly. In fact, I personally loved his character in the film as my original thinking in real life has always been the same way.”

While shedding lights upon the ‘Hero’ dialogue he utters in the trailer, he says, “Yes, when you’ll see the hero and villain clashing in this film, it is mainly due to the difference in our thought processes. I am someone, who believes what I think and do is always right, which makes me say “En Kadhaila Naan Hero Da”.”

Talking about director Siva, he says, “He is so sweet and his smile is always genuine. At times, I would doubtfully ask him if he hides something within and reacts positively outside.  However, his heart and mind is so pure, which reflects in the films he makes.  Nayanthara is a lovely girl, who always is seen brimmed with simplicity down-to-earth nature. Even if I have to work consistently with ‘Viswasam’ team over and again, I would feel more blessed. Everyone in this team share the same vibes of positivity, pureness and good nature.”

On the producers at Sathya Jyothi Films, Jagapati Babu says, “They are professional people, who respect everyone equally. From the days of my father as producer, they have proved to be a reputed brand and I feel happy to be a part of this film, they have produced. The way they treated me with love and affection has intensified my respect for them.”

Hitting screens on January 10, Viswasam is bankrolled by T.G. Thiyagarajan and Arjun Thiyagarajan for Sathya Jyothi Films. With the chartbuster songs of D Imman, colourful visuals by cinematographer Vetri and racy cuts by Editor Ruben in trailers, it has flagged off the festival ambience across the cities and villages.