Actor Krishna Tints His Way To Mollywood With Picasso!

Mollywood films do attract talented artists, as the industry extracts the right essence of the skill from an actor. The budding actors from any other industry will have an eye to taste the work ethics on the Mollywood films, as the base is slowly emerging as the challenging sector. After magnetizing the well nurtured talents from the south, once again the industry welcomes, the charming cherry of Kollywood, actor Krishna, who has the flamboyant attitude in the center revolving around him and proved it in the past. Now, like a thunderbolt, the actor steps away from his comfort zone and ambitiously boards his trip to Mollywood to expand his boundary, with the film PICCASSO”.
The actor had gleed his joy, as the shoot begins from today, who positively unite with the hands of the  Modish director Sunil Kariaatukkara, who had done some entrancing films like “Pakida” and "chacko randamaan". PICCASSO is produced by Sheikh Afzal .