Sumeru Invests In 6 New Category Launches India's First Michelin Star Chef Curated Range

Sumeru, a 30-year-old heritage brand of Innovative Foods Limited,pioneer and market leader in the Indian frozen food space todayannounced plans to grow its domestic marketto 250crore in the next three years.  The brand which has launched 20 new and innovative products in the last eight months, today launched its signature ‘frozen gourmet meals’ in collaboration with 13 time Michelin Starred Chef Alfred Prasad, a first of its kind collaboration, ushering in a global trend of brands collaborating with celebrated chefs to curate product lines for a larger consumer market.

The launch marks the growth of Sumeru’s product portfolio to 95 SKUs, the largest and most holistic range in the country’s frozen food space. Sumeru has expanded into the frozen meal category in the last  year by launching a range of  first time products in the space such as parathas, rolls, kebabs, etc, catering to a growing market of busy but health and fitness conscious consumers across the 10 large cities. It plans to continue its focus on product innovation and R&D as a primary growth driver, besides strengthening its distribution network to 25,000 retail outlets across the ten large metro city market it focuses on. Sumeru has two manufacturing units in Kochi and the one launched at Chitoor in AP earlier this year, spread over 1,00,000 sq.ft with state of  the  art equipment and facilities to enable it expand production

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the new Alfred Prasad range, Mithun Appaiah, CEO, Innovative foods said “We want to disrupt the way consumers perceive and purchase frozen food in the country and we are confident that in a market where there is a growing demand for not mere convenience food but a blend of taste, convenience and health, our newly launched products will definitely resonate with the growing consumer need. We have a first mover advantage in the frozen food category with these new innovations. We will continue to focus on the brand’s core value of product innovation to grow our market and revenues.”

He added, “Our association with a renowned Michelin starred chef like Alfred Prasad, a first in the country within this space reiterates our commitment to bring to consumers new and better experiences in consuming their daily food. I am happy and thank him for having shared our belief and curated a product range that consumers will undoubtedly lap up”

Sumeru’s Alfred Prasad Range includes four new product offerings created by 13-time Michelin Starred Chef Alfred Prasad – ‘Super Millet Khichadi’, ‘Coromandel Roasted Chicken’, ‘Coromandel Shahi Paneer’ and ‘Signature Pepper Chicken’. Each dish is made from fresh locally sourced ingredients, cooked to perfection and frozen at its peak with no added flavours, colours or preservatives which differentiates this range from other products available in the market.

Explaining the process, the creator, Chef Alfred Prasad,“The recipes follow my 3 H philosophy – Heritage, Health, and Happiness.This reflects in the ingredients we have chosen whether it’s the usage ancient grains of India – millets or following a healthier cooking process– like roasting instead of frying down right to the unique packaging technology – IQF which ensures nutrients and flavours of the ingredients are retained.Attention is paid to every element of the process to ensure we give a unique dining experience to the consumer at the end of the day we want them to feel pampered and happy. ”

Innovative Foods started as a manufacturer and exporter of processed and frozen food way back in 1988 and the brand quickly became popular in the Indian ethnic export markets like the USA, Canada and UK. It has now further expanded to Singapore, Fiji, Nepal, Middle East and Japan and strengthened focus on the domestic Indian market. Today, Sumeru has a pan India distribution network covering 8000+ retail outlets with presence in over 150+ cities and towns in India, besides 12 countries to which it exports. Innovative Foods also serves customized products for food service businesses across India and has built long-standing relationships with marquee QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) chains some of which are well known international brands. It also offers these solutions to multiple HORECA (Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes) brands within the country and also in different parts the world. Sumeru is owned by Peepul Capital LLC.

In a first of its kind collaboration in the country, Sumeru Frozen Foods has launched an exclusive line of gourmet dishes curated by India’s youngest and 13 time ‘michelin starred Chef Alfred Prasad.The launch of the new Sumeru Alfred Prasad range comprising four of his signature dishes- ‘Super Millet Khichadi’, ‘Coromandel Roasted Chicken’, ‘Coromandel Shahi Paneer’ and ‘Signature Pepper Chicken’is a pioneering effort to give the Indian consumers a chance to enjoy world famous Michelin star dishes within the comfort of their homes.The Michelin Star is the world’s most prestigious ranking that grades restaurants and chefs on their quality of food and innovation..
The new gourmet range follows the Chef’s 3 H philosophy ‘Health, Heritage & Happiness’ and all the ingredient used are fresh, locally sourced and personally chosen by Chef Alfred Prasad with no added colour, flavours or preservatives. Priced between as low as INR 199 to 250, Sumeru has made the new range affordable to a large section of regular food lovers and people looking for convenient but healthy and tasty food. Sumeru’s Alfred Prasad Line will be available at retail outlets across cities as well as online.
Talking about the newly launched gourmet range, Chef Alfred Prasad explains, “The new range is reflection of my style which blends authenticity with creativity. Coromandel Roasted Chicken and Shahi Paneer reflect the bold and fiery flavours of this coast, the Super Millet Khichadi and ‘Signature Pepper Chicken’ are healthier takes on the much loved comfort food and the country’s popular entrée. The cooking process and unique packaging technology - IQF ensures nutrients and flavours of the ingredients are retained.”
Mithun Appaiah, CEO Innovative Foods and Brand Sumeru says, “Through this collaboration Sumeru has ushered in the global trend of chefs collaborating with food brands in India to make their recipes accessible and affordable to a larger section of consumers. While most of the tie ups with chefs in the Indian market have primarily focused on brand endorsements, we have taken a different approachto focus on product innovation.

About Sumeru Frozen Foods:  Sumeru is among India’s leading and only brand focused in frozen foods category. Sumeru offers over 25 categories of frozen food products ranging from quick meals such as parathas to snacks such as fries, nuggets, seafood, etc. Sumeru’s products are available across 100+ cities and towns in India in 6000+ retail outlets. Besides, it is also exported to US, Middle East, UK, Japan and Singapore markets. It has a state-of-the-art production facility in Kochi and Chitoor.Sumeru is a brand of Innovative Foods Limited, established in 1998.

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