Pattarai Speaks About Women Empowerment

Safeguarding the women has become the staunch need of hour, where the contemporary crisis has turned out to be a much speculative one.Social consious directors mark their presence in registering their respect for women by making films that have emphasized the values of women empowerment and feminisms, but what remains to be an untouched panorama is the ‘Safety and Protection of women’. Filmmaker Peter Alvin,  former assistant to most celebrated moviemaker KV Anand spearheads distinctly with this conceptualization through his film ‘Pattarai’. 

“We often talk about the values of women; we celebrate them through the form of heavenly deities. Lots of inspiring talks and what not? Every showpiece that carries such theme to an extent. But in reality, how effectively we have educated our girl children at home about their safety measures. We have enabled them to completely incline to art and household. Of course, they have been imparted a freedom to accomplish their dreams in professional stature as well. But then, they still remain feeble and victimized to the carnivorous people. Pattarai will showcase on such a theme of how well a woman at home can be transformed into super-women,” says filmmaker Peter Alvin. 

He furthermore adds, “Soon after crafting the script and its characterizations, the earnest and most difficult thing was to finalize the actors who would breathe more life into the roles. Absolutely, we feel gleeful on getting actors like JD Chakravarthy,” who continues to add that almost all the newcomers in the star-cast went through training at theatre workshops.  Comedy actor Senthil will be seen in an unconventional role for the first time, which will not have any hilarious shades.  Others in the star-cast includes Renuka, Dikshana, Jagadesh, Danapal, Ranjan, Elizabeth, Satish, Sanjeev and Karthik followed by lots of prominence given to Transgender actors playing important roles in second half . 

Devan Ekambaram is composing songs to the lyrical essence of Palani Bharathi, Muthamizh and Ramesh with  SS Moorthy taking care of art department and Raju K Antony on designs. 

The film has three cinematographers - Mukesh, Arul Vincent and Vinoth Bharathy with vetran V.T. Vijayan getting onboard as editor along with T.S. Jai.  The most celebrated Dilip Suburayan  & Dinesh Suburayan will choreograph stunts with Peter Alvin wielding the megaphone apart from penning script and producing it.