Jarugandi Movie Review And Rating

Cast : 

Reba Monica John
Amit Tiwari
Daniel Annie Pope
Robo Shankar
Bose Venkat
G. M. Kumar

Crew :

Directed by : A. N. Pitchumani
Produced by : Badri Kasthuri, Nithin Sathya
Music by : Bobo Shashi
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Edited by : Praveen K. L.
Production Company : Shraddha Entertainment, Shvedh Group
PRO  : Suresh Chandra

Review :

Jai belongs to a lower middle class family and works as a guy who seizes cars from people who do not pay their dues. He loses his job after her seizes the car of a councillor. Following this he decides to do some job and get settled in life.He wants to start a travels company and tries to get loan for it but gets rejected several times. He tells about this to his friend Danie, who introduces him to Ilavarasu, a broker. After this he gets loan by creating fake documents and starts a travels firm. Inspector Bose Venkat finds out that Jai has used bogus documents to get loan.

He threatens both Danie and Jai to give him 10 lakh in two days so that he won’t take legal action against them. When roaming without knowing what to do, the duo end up meeting Robo Shankar who is in love with Reba Monica John. Robo Shankar promises to give them 10 lakh if they kidnap and bring Reba. What happens next forms the rest.

The lead pair, Jai and Reba, play their part well, and so does Daniel, who scores more with his histrionics. Danie and Robo Shankar have been given equal importance in the flick. RD Rajasekar’s camera and Bobo Sashi’s songs are the two saving points of the film. Praveen KL has done the edits and he managed to serve the film crisp  Director Pichumani has presented the movie with a different screenplay. Though there are few let down moments here and there, the movie is still enjoyable.

Rating - 2.5/5

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