I Had To Remain So Much Conscious Throughout Seemaraja Shoot To Avoid The Stereotypic Aspects - Balasubramaniam

An unparalleled aspect of cinematographer Balasubramaniam is his ability to keep our movie watching experience cool. He never misses to paint each frame with coolness. Thanks to his proficiency in composing his visuals with such colours and tones that enhances the visual treat. But the coolest cinematographer had to be open-eyed from the inception till the wrap of Seemaraja.

Here’s what Balasubramaniam felt as a major challenge with this Vinayagar Chathurthi release (September 13).

“There were certain things that posed as a huge challenge. I had to remain so much conscious throughout Seemaraja shoot to avoid the stereotypic aspects. The reason is the fact that my erstwhile movies with Sivakarthikeyan-Ponram films (Rajini Murugan and Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam) belonged to rural backdrops with festive-like elements. So by any chance, the colours, tones and backdrops could have been closely similar, but with Seemaraja, I had to keep my cognizance on full alertness. Surprisingly, the entire team – both the actors and technicians were much more firmly sticking to the same criteria than me. Be it Ponram’s projection, Art director Muthuraj’s set works had completely differing from their previous works as a team. In particular, the art work by Muthuraj owns a lot of contribution in keeping a great work in commuting us to different backdrops,” Says Ponram.

Getting on to praise his actors of Seemaraja, Balasubramaniam says, “Everyone in the team are so much experienced that they could understand what a cinematographer and camera expects in accordance to lighting as well. To have such experienced actors like Sivakarthikeyan, Samantha, Simran, Soori and so on, it was so easy to work accordingly.”

The cinematographer winds up saying, “We had to work upon high pressure over completing the film within the preplanned deadline and there could have been more possibilities for any technician on the sets to get hard-pressed. But then, Sivakarthikeyan, Soori and others being sportive players remained as my stress busters.”