The Capstone Clinic - Need For Family Healthcare

The Capstone Clinic was founded by a team of established multi-speciality medical experts, who wish to change how primary healthcare is delivered through the practice of family medicine, with a key focus on being a patient-centric healthcare provider. True to its name, the services at the clinic are a culmination of decades of medical practice, deep insight into the gaps in current healthcare systems and resolve to deliver a unique proposition that addresses this gap.

 The Capstone Clinic recognises an ever-increasing need for one-stop clinics that can effectively address family medicine, giving families whether big or small, nuclear or joint, access to best-in-class specialists and deliver comprehensive and convenient medical and dental solutions to all age groups. Focus on women’s wellness, increased attention on the health of growing children, elder care for those blessed with long life, prevention of lifestyle diseases for people in the prime of their life: these are the areas that we believe The Capstone Clinic can effectively address.


Our theme for the session relates to the concept of family medicine and the need for family healthcare. Globally, this theme is gaining a lot of importance as it deeply impacts the ongoing health and health management of communities. Addressing the health needs of every member of the family, providing medical expertise that address the patient as a whole and collaborating across specialities to deliver the best medical outcomes are core to the concept of family health. This is the underlying foundation of our multispeciality clinic and the matrix of services and specialities that we have brought together under one roof . This theme will be addressed in detail by two of our senior doctors - Dr V. Ramasubramanian and Dr.Aruna Ram.

Our team at The Capstone Clinic is a powerhouse of medical expertise and family healthcare, consisting of some of the most trusted family physicians in Chennai and they ensure that every patient seeking elite family health care,can experience it in a personalised manner and in a pleasant and professionally run environment.

Below is a list of some of our clinic’s medical experts along with their specialities:

1.   Cardiology

a.   DrPramod Kumar  K P -

b.   Dr K N Srinivasan -

2.    Dentistry

a.   Dr S. Vasanth -

b.   DrAruna Mohan -

c.   Dr K. Sreekumar -

d.   Dr EMG. Subramanian -

e.   Dr Rahul Visvanathan -

f.    Dr S. SumanBohra -

g.   DrVinaySivaswamy -

h.   Dr S. Abhirami -

i.    DrPriyanka PM -

j.    DrSatish Chandrasekhar -

3.    Dermatology

a.   Dr Samna Pramod -

4.    ENT

a.   Dr (Major) R. Ramakrishnan -

5.    Gastroenterology

a.   Dr Bharat Kumar Mookiah -

6.    General Medicine

a.   DrHariharan K B -

7.    Infectious Diseases

a.   Dr V. Ramasubramanian –

b.   DrMadhumitha. R -

8.    Neurology

a.   Dr V L Arul Selvan -

9.    Obstetrics and Gynaecology

a.   DrKarpagambalSairam-

b.   Dr M H Abinaya -

10.  Ophthalmology

a.   DrPravinTellakula -

11.  Orthopaedics

a.   DrSenthil Kumar Durai -

12.  Paediatrics

a.   DrSumanthAmperayani -

13.  Psychiatry

a.   DrRamyaSampath -

14.  Rheumatology

a.   Dr SRamakrishnan –

15.  Anaesthisiology

a.   Dr N. Elavazhagan -

Some of our services include:

1.   Vaccine clinic

2.    Vision Correction

3.    Laboratory

4.    Outpatient IV Clinic

5.    Pharmacy

6.   Travel Health Advisory

To read more about our services, please view our services brochure.

You can also read details of our specialities on our website at or you can email us at

For those in need of a premium family medical set-up that provides value-based healthcare and an extraordinary medical experience, The Capstone Clinic, will prove to be the preferred destination.

For further details Contact :-The CAPSTONE CLINIC, 3/2, Chockalingam St, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034.