Ayanavaram Minor Girl Molestation Case Solidarity Protest By Students, Celebrities At Valluvarkottam 2018

Activist and TV Host Apsara Reddy organized a protest in Valluvarkottam to push for death penalty and immediate punishment for child rapists. The awareness programme of similar nature was also organized by her during the high-profile Hasini case. 

Speaking up for the 11-year old rape victim, Apsara said, "Child molestation is a very real issue that can happen to anyone and in any social strata. Child rapists slowly prey on, groom and molest kids often without leaving any scars. We must have open lines of communication with our children and always educate them on good touch and bad touch." She added, "Rape is close to terrorism it traumatises a human being life long. It should only be punished with death penalty and immediately. These rapists don't deserve any empathy." 

Speaking at the protest actor Ganesh Venkatraman, said, "Children are like God. We need to worship their innocence and protect it. Men who rape aren't real men. It's a bad show of their masculinity. Real men must protect children and speak up for them. This case is very moving and my full support to the little girl" 

Actress Sakshi Agarwal said, "Children fear telling the truth because of threats or they feel they've done something wrong. We need to empower kids to open up and communicate to parents freely. It must be punished with death if these rapists have done it" 

Dr Kamala Selvaraj speaking strongly said, "If you touch a child and harm a child you deserve death. They have a deviant mind and why waste taxpayer money and keep them in prison" 

Apsara's protest was well attended by 300 people from all walks of life and cutting across political parties and social strata. 

The child's counsellor, Vasanthi Babu said "Children can never lie about abuse. The child has opened up on so many intricate details which are so painful to hear"