The Government Seems To Be Hypocritical When It Comes To Nature Exclaims An Enraged Director Of Maragada Kaadu

"While filming for the movie the trees and cataracts have become like an integral part of my family, as they have placed the roles of the unsung heroes" says the producer

Ragunathan of RR films.

"Don't search for the emerald under the soil, every tree is an emerald" quips the director of the movie Maragada Kaadu.

This movie which has been captured amidst the forest and the greenery, enveloped and welcomed us like a second home" agrees the whole unit of Maragada Kaadu.

"At first I wondered how filming in the forest for hours together would be like, I thought I would miss the hustle and bustle of the city.

Now, I feel like I would miss the sound of the water flowing and the birds chirping “says the actor of the movie.

"There are certain scenes in the movie when the actors turned into the tribal people,

they didn't even look like they were acting." exclaimed an ecstatic director.

Dialogues like "The life of the poor is assumed to be the cheapest of them all, who are you to determine a human being's worth?”, are sure to make people question
themselves “says the director.

"We were all overwhelmed with guilt as we have been so ignorant towards nature and the tribal people who treat nature like their family. This role taught me to treat the tress like my family” says the actress who plays the role of a tribal maiden.

"Forest is a boon not a bane “ sighs the director who is making his debut with the movie Maragada Kaadu.”

Does destroying the forest symbolize growth? Questions the seething director of Maragada Kaadu.

The whole unit of the movie Maragada Kaadu has been busy in the wrapping up of the shoot. “Some of them have even started making plans with their families to revisit the forests “the  producer says with a wide grin.