Seema Raja Audio To Be Launched In Madurai On August 3rd

The positioning matters a lot when it comes to the marketing of a film. RD Raja of 24 A M  Studios carves a name for himself in this era of modern marketing and branding. He  Leaves no Stone unturned to position his films. The latest ace up his sleeve is the audio launch of his prestigious project "Seema Raja" happening in Madhurai. August 3rd has been marked as the D Day and the production team is said to be working over time to convert the event into a great success.

"Madhurai is the heart beat of the Tamil film industry. The amount of love and craze the  films command among the fans here is un believable. We were determined enough even before we could start the film that the Audio launch has to happen only in Madurai . The swelling popularity of our Hero Siva karthikeyan is one major factor behind this decision. The core content of the film is hugely based on rural back ground of the southern part of our state, it weighed upon our mind and was a very conscious and consensual decision to conduct the event in Madurai. I am sure the fans and general audience will throng in huge numbers and make this event a grand success" said R D Raja with confidence.