Stun Siva Basks In Glory!!

It needs enormous skill to match the screen dominating standards of Padmashri  Kamal Hassan especially in a film like vettaiyadu vilayadu.The audience can never forget the actor who asks for Raghavan's (kamal hassan) eye in the film. Few know that it is none other than the  monstrous action director Stun Siva who had played the role. 

Stun Siva thanks to his passion for his acting did few insignificant roles as an actor waiting for his bigger days. Lady luck fell on him when he was offered a plum role in the just released Goli soda 2, and they had held it with both his hands.  Playing the role of a violent caste leader Stun Siva have his best and  the audience who saw the film endorsed the arrival of another "Villain with Nativity".
"Though the atmosphere of a shooting spot is never new to me , the feel of being a principal villain actor was so different. The amount of response which I got from the theatres were amazing. Iam glad that I'm able to mark my presence as an actor with a successful film like Goli Soda2, after all success is only visiting card for any actor"  concluded Stun Siva with energy.