Producer Ajay Panicker Press Note On Anjali Starrer ‘O’

Horror flicks and supernatural thrillers are frequently visiting theatres almost on all Fridays. In an incisive dot, it is slightly felt that audiences have become world weary of this genre. But, the ardent buffs of this genre have always felt the need to be the ‘Revivers of the Moment’ in offering a reanimated treat of presenting us with unlimited showers of spookiness and spine shuddery experience. Such is the illustrative reference of filmmaker Praveen Biggod. It’s not an exaggerated superlative, but something we hear from the horse’s mouth – producer Ajay Panicker himself.

“We had earlier produced a film and wanted our second outing to be something exceptional. We had to come across the narrations of more than 50 scripts. Finally, we felt ‘O’ has all the ingredients that will make it a wholesome film. Moreover, it’s going to be a perfect Horror-thriller without comedy quotients. More than anything, what ‘O’ would deliver is the fact that every audience will relate themselves closely to the script for the premise of this film will reflect everyone’s lives in one way or the other. When Praveen narrated the script, it was a movie watching experience rather than hearing it. It involved lots of Goosebumps!!!” says Ajay Panicker. 

Sharing his words about Anjali, “Well, her uttermost dedication, beauteous looks and ability to suit the role of girl to next door befittingly suitable to this role and script.”

Producer Ajay Panicker cannot stop raving about the musical collaboration with Arrol Corelli. He adds, “O has three songs, which will be adherent to the screenplay. With the film’s premise demanding a strong impact of background score, we felt Arrol Corelli would do complete justice to the film and got him here.”

Totting up, Ajay utters, “O will be a bilingual movie to be simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu. We are happy with the reception of the title and logo and there are lots of surprises ahead with the hidden significance behind ‘O’.  We will be shortly coming up with the first look along with the announcement of technicians.”