Exceprts From Press Meet Of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR World Convention And Centenary Year Celebrations

The representatives of MGR world Conference are collaborating to organize a grand convention and celebrate the centenary year of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR on July 15, which will be held at Vels University in Pallavaram. In accordance, the representatives interacted with press and media sharing more details upon it.

Addressing about the event, Murugu Padmanabhan said, “MGR followers are found all over the world and their fervent love for him has never faded. Out of their own interest, they had launched the organizations for their adorable idol organizing special occasions. Even I had started an organization before 15 years in France and hosted a special convention last year, which had the special presence of Saidai Duraisamy. During that juncture, we had requests from the members to bring the worldwide MGR organizations together for such a occasion. Consequently, this resulted in the initiation of MGR World Conference committee that comprise of 11 top members. The conference will be held on 15th July at Vels University in Pallavaram. Following this, we will be implementing many good projects.

Veteran actress Latha said, “I have gone to many countries around the world and was spellbound to see MGR followers starting up organizations to offer services without any expectations. This conference that is being held will be completely out of love and devotion towards Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and will not have any political blend. This will have many people around the world making their presence.”

Humanitarian Trust Chairman Saidai Duraisamy said, “Millions of people have been imbibed to such a love that we wanted to bring them together to spread the reputation of MGR without any political blend. MGR decided to organize them and create a system without any political blend to spread their reputation.  Even 30 years after the demise of this revolutionary leader, his birthdays are celebrated in grandeur.

In the history of mankind, few have managed to retain their names and very few have become historians, but MGR stands out to be a phenomenal personality in creating his own history. He was a hero till his retirement from film industry and breathed his last as a real life hero by being a Chief Minister. None in this world have enjoyed such a privilege. In fact, all his movies have been a subject of scrutiny, where the themes subjected to the reality of people and society. In precise terms, this is the substantial reason, why he is fondly ennobled as ‘Vaathiyaar’ by his followers.  As a matter of fact, his popularity was beyond usual paradigms, where DMK party flag was called as ‘MGR’ flag. Incisively, even the great ANNA was asked by people if he belongs to MGR party. Being a film personality and politician, he has imparted unconditional service to the best of people and society.

“Just like the organizations – Ramakrishna society, Rotary Club and YMCA acts, so will be this convention, which will have its own ideologies for the sake of social activities. This includes free education, free blood bank in the name of revolutionary leader. All throughout his life, MGR dedicated his life for the well being of people and society. The State Government has allotted 5Cr to study and research about him. MGR life history must take place in the academic studies of schools and colleges. He deserves the best praiseworthy word in the dictionary of world. His love that never expected anything in return for the good deeds towards people deserves more and more love from our part as well.

Saidai Duraisamy, AC Shanmugam, VIT Viswanathan, Mariasina Jeppiar, Nanjil Vincent, Kurinji Vendhan, Muni Ratnam, Murugu Padmanabhan, actress Latha and around 11 member committee is formed to organize this convention. Honourable Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit will grace over the occasion as special guest. Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Vice President of Mauritius, and Education Minister of Sri Lanka and Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Foundation members all over Tamil Nadu will be a part of this convention.

Dr. Isari Ganesh added, “The co-stars of MGR and his close associates, who were part of his success, will also be a part of this.  The special events involving Music, dance, cultural programmes, special performance by Jaguar Thangam, special debate about Puratchi Thalaivar, Multiple programs, Kavi Arangam, special book written by Manavai Manickam launch, Audio and Trailer launch of Africavil Raju will be held from morning till night. Every year, this convention will be held in different countries.”