CSK Gethu Maamu Song From Kumar Narayanan Saintunes

If it weren't for the rocks in its bed, a stream would have no song...

That's how IPL has looked without Team CSK in the last 2 seasons...

You need 2 to Tango! With CSK back in IPL and Dhoni capping CSK... It's Party Time... A time to dance in the rain...
This IPL 2018, when Chennai Super Kings and Dhoni walk into the field, it is sure to be "GethuMaamu"

Kumar Narayanan and his team at SAINTUNES CREATIVE SERVICES PVT LTD, Chennai are diehard fans of Dhoni and CSK. When Saintunes first came out with the Dhoni Anthem "DHO DHO DHONI" in the year 2014, it was an instant hit on the net. It was a trigger enough for the Saintunes team to follow it up next year with "Roar for CSK"

Sleeping lions have got up and are back on the filed... BEWARE!!!

"Gethu Maamu" from Saintunes welcomes the CSK-DHONI combo... that is ready to Tango..