Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Goes To Bollywood

When you find three languages for a single word as a title , that film automatically gets the visa  to cross the linguistic borders.

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal starring Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson in the lead , directed by Elan and produced by Yuvan Shankar Raja in association of K productions Raja Rajan  goes across the linguistic borders. The script which is believed to be an absolute youth entertainer had attracted some prominent Hindhi  production houses and it is widely speculated that they are very keen to do the re make. The talks are said to be on this now.

"Love has no language or borders. This news is partially right. All thanks to the great reach of the song "High on Love" ,  but can't really reveal much about it at this moment as we're working on the quick release of PPK"

The hype that is surrounding the film makes it to the most expected film in the coming days.

Cast & Crew


Harish Kalyan
Raiza Wilson

Director -  Elan
Production Company - YSR Films pvt Ltd & K Productions
Producer - Yuvan Shankar Raja, SN.Rajarajan and Irfan Malik
Music -Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editor -  Manikumaran Shankara
Cinematography -  Raja Bhattacharyaa
Art director - E. Thyagarajan