Padman Is On A Mission

The Real Padman is on a mission of making India 100% sanitary pad using country and giving 1 Million women employment through his initiative #StandbyherAs part of this initiative we will be travelling across the rural parts of India to create 3 A’s Awareness about menstrual hygiene, low cost sanitary napkin machine that will make pads Affordable and make sure the pads are Available.

We have already initiated the campaign digitally with #PadmanChallenge which is a huge success and gone viral across social media platforms. When people felt weird to talk about pads, we made people take photos with pads! We have also launched the onground campaign with a special screening of Padman for the differently abled, school and college students. #Standbyher was supported by the UN Women to take this initiative to rural villages in India and also global.  We are also going to have the world’s first menstrual hygiene conclave where eminent people and decision makers will come together to take this mission forward.

“A country is developed only when it’s women are empowered”- Arunachalam Muruganantham

“Empowered Women - Empower Women”

 “This is not just a dream, it is my lifetime mission” – Arunachalam Muruganantham