Nandi Brand All Set To Create Organic Green Revolution

The Chennai-based Subramaniyam Natural Products and Services Private Limited today announced the launch of its Panchagavyam-based fertilizers. Named Nandi Brand, these organic fertilizers are high-yielding natural nutrient supplements that cause practically no adverse effects to the soil and the environment.

Nandi Brand organic fertilizers are based on the Panchagavyam method--made by blending cow dung, cow urine, cow’s milk, clarified butter and curd in proper quantities, which are converted into biofertilizers ensuring high yield in the stipulated time.
In addition to reviving the soil’s natural life-giving properties, these fertilizers also act as natural insect repellants. Since there are no chemical ingredients, they are healthy. In addition to giving high yield, they also have a long life span.

Speaking at the product launch, Mr. Harikumar Subramaniam, Managing Director, Subramaniam Natural Products & Services Private Limited, said, ``We have branches in 10 places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This makes it possible for us to distribute both fertilizers and cattle-feed to the farmers under one roof. We have set up our own gau-shaalas to procure the raw material required for manufacturing these fertilizers. Moreover, we have entered into an agreement with Amul for marketing their cattle feed.''

“Nandi Brand Panchagavyam-based organic fertilizers help farmers achieve high standards in their agricultural yields. When these fertilizers are diluted to be used on the land, their cost works out to as low as Rs. 2 a kilo,'' he added.
The company is all set to appoint district-wise retailers in order to make the fertilizers easily available to all the farmers. The company has more than ten branches in a number of districts in Tamil Nadu. They also act as stockists for the products. The company plans to appoint more retailers in towns and municipalities to make it possible for the farmers to easily buy these fertilizers.

About Subramaniam Natural Products:

Subramaniam Natural Products was founded by Mr. Subramania Iyer in 1938 in Thiruvananthapuram. Their initial domain was beverages like coffee and tea. It was in 1990 that they began to expand their base to rubber plantations. The concern was registered as a private limited company in 2016. The company is now focusing on its Nandi Brand organic fertilizers.

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