My Son Is Gay (En Magan Magizhvan) Wins Best Feature Film Award

“My Son is Gay” is the first Tamil feature film which responsibly deals with the sensitive same sex relationships.   Also, this is the first Indian film made on homosexuality that has been awarded an UA certificate (2017) with no cuts.

Filmmaker Lokesh Kumar has written and directed this film, with able cast support from the renowned artists Anupama Kumar, Kishore, Jayaprakash and Sriranjini.  This film which is slated to be released this year, has won more accolades and recognition at several International Film Festivals across the globe, making Tamil Cinema proud of its achievements.

After being featured and screened at many a prestigious International Film Festivals, including Melbourne, New York, Philadelphia, Kolkata, Chennai, Rajasthan, this movie has garnered a commendable recognition and attention.  Recently it was screened at the second Indian World Film Festival held at Hyderabad.

Amongst several Indian and International films screened at the festival, MSIG had impressed the jury of world renowned filmmakers hailing from countries like Turkey, Istanbul and America, such that they awarded the Best Movie Award to My Son is Gay (En Magan Magizhvan)

At the award ceremony, Filmmaker Lokesh Kumar thanked his producer Rajinish Khanuja and owed this success to the support and vote of confidence of his co-producers Anil Saxena and Cyril D’Souza.  He also dedicated this success to the entire team of En Magan Magizhvan aka MSIG.

This award has fortified the hope in the hearts of the filmmakers and at the same time, has created a lot of expectations among the audience as well.