Justin Prabhakaran To Compose Music Of Vijay Deverakonda's Next Movie

Justin Prabhakaran the young music director who is on top of the orbit thanks to his melodies is the choice of the Directors who opt for melodies. His recent melodies were all top charters and the carrier graph of Justin remains top too. The soft spoken music director is said to attach plenty of  importance  to the scripts that has got emotion as the core factor. His work gains more significance because of the re recording support he provides to those content oriented films.Now Justin Prabhakaran  is all set  to make  his debut in Telugu too.

" I signed my debut Telugu movie starring vijay devarakonda in Bharat kamma direction. Am sure this movie will be very important and special in my career..Right now the composing is going on. My friend ship with the director beyond professional means has got this film.We had earlier worked for  "maroprapancham"  a short film that was well received by the  audience. The title of the feature film will be announce soon. The popularity of Vijay Dever konda among the youth  makes my debut film a great platform to make a debut in Telugu too.

As far as the Tamil  projects are concerned  my next is Nadodigal 2, an untitled film of  S J Suriya's untitled movie, Atharva 's  Othaiku Otha are there in the  process.. I have  already done a movie in Malayalam film and  it invoked great response too.Now as i step into Telugu my aim is to work in many  languages as i strongly believe that how music has got no linguistic barriers music director also has got no barriers .