“Everyone Of Us Can Be Weekend Farmers Getting Back To Our Roots” – Karthi

In the past one week, the pictures involving our very own "Kadaikutty Singam" - Karthi involved in farming had created huge sensation. Few might have thought, those were the clicks of Karthi from the shooting spots of Kadaikutty Singam, but it’s not as they assumed. The actor along with his family members took his way straight to the agricultural lands, where organic farming is done with so much of discipline and passion. Mr. Venugopal, a former Mechanical Engineer felt that ‘ORGANIC FARMING’ is the need of hour and henceforth took a bold attempt into drawing himself upon this endevour. Today, he stands out to be one among the salient personalities across the youth cohorts as an inspiring person.

Speaking about the experience of spending the best moments with Karthi, Venugopal says, “I had been to Ananda Valli school to teach the students about the benefits of organic farming and even got them involved in the activity. The school correspondent mentioned that he would like to bring his family friends one day to our land for farming activities. The previous night I was informed that Karthi sir’s family would be also coming. But I was so much surprised to see actor Karthi himself was present there. He was so much involved and he kept inquisitively asking about each and every thing that focalizes upon Organic Farming. It was really a great bliss to find such a busy actor come down to our place for a socially welfare purpose.”

Actor Karthi said, “It is worth mentioning that most of us have hailed back from the agricultural background. After visiting these lands of organic farming near Chengalpattu, I felt so much elated. Every one of us can be weekend farmers getting back to our roots. It was so much happy to see the fresh air, native farming lands with cattle across the roads. I have learnt so much about our native breed crops and grains. Everyone must come and visit this place to get more educated about it.”

Mr. Venugopal also adds that many people across the towns, villages and cities are inclining towards organic farming. This is because of the fact that artificial means of products that are cultivated using chemical fertilizers have started impacting their health.

SELAVILLA FARMING is yet another synonymous word that Venugopal refers to.  For more updates, Venugopal requests the interested one to visit his website www.ilearnfarming.com