Jallikattu Movie Song Release Stills


It’s celebration time for the Tamil feature film team of JALLIKATTU 5-23rd 2017 as the first song track of the movie   was launched today. As a tribute to the history of Tamil, the first track was launched at Keezhadi near Madurai.

It’s here at Keezhadi that archeologists have recently found evidence of Sangam Tamil dating back over 2200 years. There can be no  better pride than this for a Tamilian and as a salutation to the wonderful Tamil culture ,the first track was formally launched at this place.

The song track traces the true spirit of Jallikattu. It is said that some artifacts have traces of the native bulls and probably   even the sport in itself. For a culture which is so strongly rooted, the youth of today had come together to bring about one of the greatest uprising in Marina beach, which what this Tamil feature is all about.

The song which symbolizes the spirit of unity and the pride of the Tamil people was launched with live performance by folk  performers and with much fun fare with the villagers in attendance and celebration.

The song was released in the presence of the Head of the Jallikattu movement Rajasekar Ayya, Tamil Nadu Cinema federation chief Selvan Raj ,Music Director Ramesh Vinayakam , Director Santhosh Gopal and the Producer Nirupama were a part of the audio launch.

The film makers have planned to release the second track from the movie at the prestigious Harvard University and each  track will be released at a strategic point of relevance for the Jallikattu uprising.

The Tamil feature marks the directorial debut of Santhosh Gopal and music is composed by Ramesh Vinayakam and its  produced by Nirupama and co produced by N Jayapal, Ganapathy Murugesh, Guruu Saravanan under the banner of Ahimsa Productions.

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