6 Athiyayam Movie Review And Rating

The first horror anthology film in Tamil cinema ‘6 Athiyayam’ has hit the screens. Just like how it was promoted, the movie is a collection of six horror movies that are not related to each other and is directed by six different directors. The climax of the short films is shown individually at the end of the movie. Here is a glimpse of the one-line story of the six short movies.

Super Hero: 

Thaman has the ability to foresee anything bad that is about to happen to a close one. He consults about this with a doctor who also agrees about his super power.

Ini Thodarum: 

A baby is playing with a ball in Bod Suresh’s house. However, he is only able to see the ball and not the girl. Baby Sadhana who comes there is able to see and talk with the girl. What is the mystery behind the invisible girl forms the climax of the story.


Kishore is in love with a girl and proposes to her. However, she rejects it, after this the hero ends his life. Later it is said that the heroine is actually in love with him.


Cable Shankar stays in a house for less rent, Sanjeev joins him and shares the residence. Shankar leaves town due to an emergency and introduces Sanjeev to an old man in the neighbouring house. Sanjeev happens to see Gayathri when he goes to meet the old man. However, the oldman claims that there was no one like that. Following this Sanjeev feels paranormal happenings taking place around him.

Soup Boy Subramani:

Subramani’s girlfriend breaks up with him during a date. The same thing happens with his next love. The hero feels that some external force is the reason behind his break ups and hence approaches a priest who reveals the secret behind his problem.

Chithiram Kolluthadi:

Vinodh Kishan is an avid reader and he has the ability to sketch the characters from the book. An advertisement agency approaches him to sketch a completely new face and he starts reading several books for this. Finally he ends up sketching a girl, but is not able to sketch the eyes. There is a paranormal entity behind this.

All six stories though are not connected to each other the climax of all the movies are conveyed during the end of the movie.

All the characters in the flick have done a decent job. There are few screenplay lapses here and there, however this can be ignored.

Though the content and idea is fresh, the execution could have been better. 6 Athiyayam is another new idea in Kollywood that can be watched for the attempt

Rating - 3/5