Music Director Ghibran Speaks About Chennai 2 Singapore

Hall mark of a good music director is not just adding flavour to the script but adding soul to it. If adding soul to a movie is an art, then one person who is becoming an expert is music director Ghibran. Not just his songs but also his Background Score is developing a huge fan base. 

The way he tells story with his music is making movie watching experience very rich and memorable. His latest outings ‘Aramm’ and ‘Dheeran Adhigaram Ondru’ have been nothing short of brilliant, both as a movie and musically. 

Speaking about this , Ghibran says, “ There is a soul in every good script. My job is to bring that out musically. ‘Aramm’ and ‘Dheeran Adhigaram Ondru’ have a lot of aspects in common like director’s clarity of thought, solid script, brilliant team and few others. These two movies inspired me a lot to do a lot of research for my background score . I am happy and proud of every movie that I have done so far and I really wish this streak of being a part of wonderful movies continues in my life. My next release is ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’. It is releasing on 15th December. It  has immense scope for music. This film will give the audience the feel of a musical journey. A different type of musical treatment has been given to this script. It is a very racy and fun movie with plenty of scope for music. I have got some Big and very interesting projects to announce soon  “