Yazh Movie Stills

This is the first Tamil movie made in Kollywood about Srilankan Tamil people and their culture with the story happening entirely in Srilanka from the beginning till the end and the story, characters, songs and dialogues in Eelam Tamil exclusively.

The movie is about Srilankan Tamil culture based on their ancient Tamil musical instrument Yazh. The story is set during the last ethnic conflict in Srilanka and is about characters that belong to Yazh culture and what happens to them during the beginning stages of the war.

During ancient times, Tamil people of North East Sri Lanka, practiced and developed an art culture based on Yazh with music, song and dance, propagating Saiva Siddha Vedanta and Tamil culture and way of living throughout the known world at that time. The city Yazh Paanam (or Jaffna) was named after them for the same reason where the Tamil art and culture flourished during those times.

The movie Yazh is a contemporary movie focusing on the ancient culture that Tamil people have forgotten. The story takes place entirely in Sri Lanka and the characters have spoken in Eelam Tamil. It is a new and trendsetting film with all the six songs and the lyrics made in Eelam Tamil for the very first time in Tamil Film history.

The main leads in the film are Vinod, Daniel Balaji, Sashi, Misha, Neelima, Leema and child artiste Rakshana.

Camera by Karuppaiya and Nazeer, Music by S.N. Arunagiri, Editing by LVK Das and Art by Rembon Balraj.

M.S. Anand, an Australian Tamil, has written and directed the film, produced by Mystic Films. Makkal Cinema is releasing the film on 24th November 2017.