Clapboard Production & Eruma Saani Join Hands For ‘Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu’

What will be the expectation level of the Audience if the top-notch YouTube trendsetters join hands for a feature film? It will be revealed by CLAPBOARD PRODUCTION’s second project - ‘ODAVUM MUDIYADHU OLIYAVUM MUDIYADHU’ aka #OMOM.  Produced by V Sathyamurthi under the banner ‘Clapboard Production’ #OMOM is being directed by debutante Ramesh Venkat of ‘Eruma Saani’ fame. It is to be noted that the Director of the very famous YouTube series ‘ERUMA SAANI’ Ramesh Venkat is now stepping into the Tamil film industry through the most anticipated flick ‘ODAVUM MUDIYADHU OLIYAVUM MUDIYADHU’.

One special identity for #OMOM is that the entire cast and crew of the film are under age 21 and they are simply known as #TEAM21. Starring V Sathyamurthi of ‘Thappu Thanda’ fame in the lead, #OMOM is well packed and bounded by YouTube trendsetters ‘Eruma Saani’ fame Vijay and Harija, RJ Vicky of ‘Naughty nights’ and ‘Smile Settai’ fame, ‘Madras Central’ fame Gopi and Sudhakar, Shah Ra and Augustein of ‘Temple Monkeys’ fame in other lead cast.

‘ODAVUM MUDIYADHU OLIYAVUM MUDIYADHU’is also well backed with a bunch of young and talented debutante technicians that includes  Director of photography Joshua J Perez, Editor Ramesh Venkat, Music Director Kaushik Krish.

“A lot more can happen over coffee is a saying, but it came true for me in our second production ‘ODAVUM MUDIYADHU OLIYAVUM MUDIYADHU’. A merry and ebullient conversation made us unite for this horror-comedy flick and I have more confidence in my #Team21. We are kick-starting the project #OMOM from December and the film will be a 2018 summer release” expresses Producer and lead actor V Sathyamurthi of ‘ODAVUM MUDIYADHU OLIYAVUM MUDIYADHU’ in a high-spirited tone.