Bindu Madhavi Play The Female Lead In Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan

Only very few directors will have substantial and solid role and importance for their heroines in their movie. Director Karu Palaniappan is most certainly one of them. Right from the moment he announced his next project “ Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan” starring Arulnidhi , there is a lot of expectation about this political movie and every announcement from Karu Palaniappan regarding this project is closely followed by the audience. 

It is now officially declared that actress Bindu Madhavi will play the play the female lead of ‘ Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan’. 

Speaking about this, Bindu Madhavi says, “Though I was getting a lot of offers I was very careful in choosing only the best. I was looking out for not only a good script but also one which has meaty role for me and that is what I exactly found in ‘Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan’. Though this is a politics based script my role has got significant importance . I am very happy to work with a director like Karu Palaniappan sir,  who’s writing is very strong.His films will always have great working space for heroines.  Working with Arulnidhi is always a delight and I am sure he will establish his screen presence much stronger in “Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan’. The shoot is scheduled to start in December and I am too excited to start shooting for this lovely project “.