Aval Movie Review And Rating

Cast :

Siddharth as Dr Krishna
Andrea Jeremiah as Lakshmi
Atul Kulkarni
Anisha Angelina Victor as Jennifer


Directed by : Milind Rau
Produced by : Siddharth
Written by : Milind Rau, Siddharth
Music by : Girish
Cinematography : Shreyaas Krishna
Edited by : Lawrence Kishore
Production Company : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Etaki Entertainment

Review :

Unlike the recent trend of horror-comedy flicks, Aval is a full fledged horror movie with a message which is also conveyed in a convincing way. A family moves into a haunted house which is terrifying. How the family survives it and what is the story of the ghost forms the rest of the film.
The movie takes its own time to unfold and reveal the characters. The film which starts on a breezy note becomes intense as it progresses.

Siddharth has played to perfection and has a strong character to portray. He has different shade in this flick. Andrea Jeremiah on the other hand delivers her role with ease and looks convincing. Debutant Anisha Angelina Victor, also has the same screen space as Siddharth. She steals the show from the seasoned actors with her performance. Director Milind Rau has conveyed a message within the movie without forcing it on the audience.

The pre-climax scene could have been a little better. However, he has managed to keep the audience glued to the scenes with the screenplay and there are enough scenes to be scared of. Music by Girish G adds to the intensity of the movie while Shreyas Krishna has given his best to creep the audience with the visuals. Aval is a flick which can be enjoyed as a full-fledged horror movie by cinema lovers.

Rating 3.5/5