"Aruvi" Posters And Teaser Gets Viral Stirring Sensations

What else can you say when Mother India fondly praised as ‘Bharatha Maadha’ holding machine gun in her hands. A real blunt scenario that instantaneously popped up huge sensations in blend with controversies as the very next poster had the same girl with beer bottle smoking cigarette. Moreover, the film’s teaser recently released has evoked a tremendous response on pars with a mystery revolving the character of ‘Aruvi’. She is seen being interrogated by police alleging her as terrorist. Lots of flashes of montages followed by her simple smile saying “Touch me if you’re dare” sends out Goosebumps unconditionally.

Apart from winning huge reception at Shanghai International Film Festival and many such events of global panorama, the Tamil film industry, film critics and writers are in awe of this spectacular movie. Many were so much soaked into the gushes of ‘Aruvi’ that they instantly shared their immense praise for this film on their social media pages. This includes Sivakarthikeyan and many other prominent celebrities of the industry.

 The recently released audio album has furthermore intensified the depth of expectations for this film. The theatrical trailer of this film will be launched on November 16 followed by worldwide release on December 1.