Tubelight Movie Review And Rating

Cast : 

Praveen Prem

Crew :

Director      :  Indra
Producer     :  Ravi Narayanan
Production House     :  Ostrich Media Productions
Music          :  Indra
Cinematography        :  Sridhar D.F.T
Editing                       :  C.S.Prem
Art Direction             :  U.J. Murugan
Choreography           : Sri Krishna
Costume Design        : M.Chinnasamy

Review : 

The film is built a concept that what if there is a slight delay in how we process sounds..the same thing happens to the hero where he has lost the perception of hearing and gets delayed response of sound.  Pandiarajan, an unorthodox specialist treats him and gives him a name "Tubelight" for the late response.  The hero falls in love with the heroine, will he succeed in his love, will he lead a normal life is the next part of the story.

The whole movie is revolving around the hero traveling along with the heroine. The initial sequences between Indira and Pandiarajan are enjoyable but the director left it in the middle to concentrate on romance and revenge angle, which is the film’s biggest flaw.  Pandiarajan has done his best and attracts us with his comic sense. The tone of the movie is wildly uneven — one moment the director plays the hero’s disability for laughs and the next, he tries to take it to sentiments and changes from track to track, so that the scenes fail to make as much impact as they should to the audience.

Heroine Hema has done her acting in Malayalam and telugu eventhough this is her first tamil film excelling in art therapy in this movie but without much impact to the audience.

Indira plays the role of hero, director and music director of this movie which is definitely an overload and clearly shows he is debutant and needs much experience to be a master of all trades in this ever challenging industry. This movie although named Tube light did not give much light and impact to the audience.

Rating - 2.75/5


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