Maragatha Naanayam Working Stills

Have you ever seen or heard a adventure- fantasy movie being inspired from a real life incident ??? "Maragadha naanayam is one such movie! !!!!"- reveals its director ARK Saravan.

He says"I read a news article and was so interested about the content of it. That was the starting point of Maragadha naanayam's scripting. Then we added our own elements to make it more interesting. This movie is not only for grown ups, I am confident children also Will love our fantasy-comedy- adventure. I am so happy to have got aadhi to play the lead of this movie. His dedication and cooperation has been massive to say the least. This project would not have been possible without my producer Dilli babu sir, who gave me such a freedom in shooting. The story has few suspense elen3nts Which are sure to take the  audience aback...what if i say that includes Nikki galrani and Arunraj kamaraj's characterisation too !!!!!" . This Will make anyone curious indeed !!!